5 Best Latte and 5 Best Coffee Shops in Jakarta

Woodpecker's Latte
Whether you’re in need for a wake up call, mood booster, coffee break, hangout, or simply just to find inspiration, coffee shop is the “it” place for you to fulfill all your urban needs.

With real coffee shops appearing almost every day (okay, I’m exaggerating, haha), chain coffee shops like Starbucks, Bengawan Solo, Coffee Bean and Excelso, lost its charms to the real coffee drinkers – the type of persons who understand coffee to the origin of its beans and even the machines (yes, those kind of people do exist these days). But not only to them, but also to me - and I'm not a coffee maniac. I now began to understand the difference between each coffee that I drink and I even have preference.

I used to enjoy Starbucks’ coffee, but since I tried Koultoura, Common Grounds and many more, I would say that Starbucks’ coffee is sucks. They’re still great at their Frappuccino though. But.. I believe that just like all foods and drinks and all the other stuffs out there, it’s down to the taste, and every one, every individual, has different palate that makes their choices unique.

I drink latte most of the time (used to drink ice latte, but always the hot one lately) and here’s my five favorite coffee shops based on the latte that they serves:

These five lattes that served by these five coffee places have similarities. I like a stronger latte, a little bit burnt coffee, and their bitterness are spot on for me. Kolutoura is my number one favorite so far, and Woodpecker's latte has a very similar taste with Koultoura's. Common Ground has a little bit stronger latte and I like it too. While Ninety Nine is not your common place to look for good coffee, but it's actually really good! And the last one, Coffee Tree, is not very famous, perhaps because it's located in North Jakarta, but it also has a quite strong latte that they put in a giant mug, unlike the usual latte. 

Beary latte at Ninety Nine
But just like I mentioned in the very first place, you’re not going to a coffeeshop just for the coffee. Most of the time, people go to coffeeshops to hangout with their friends, or work – because I don’t know why, but good coffee and good ambiance equals an awesome piece of work. So, here’s my top five coffee shops that I think has good ambiance:

  • Trafique Coffee is hugeeeee. And it’s not so crowded and that’s why I like it. Terrific for work.
  • Woodpecker Coffee is the oppsosite of Trafique Coffee. The size of Woodpecker is very small, but it feels intimate, and that’s why I like it. Very suitable to have an intimate afternoon with your friends or loved ones.
  • Giyanti Coffee Roastery is one of the most crowded coffee shops in Jakarta I think. It’s very hard to find a spot to sit on weekends. But I don’t know why, sitting in Giyanti is very comforting. A very nice place to chit chat with small group of friends.
  • Tanamera Coffee - I always come here around 4pm on weekdays if I go around the area, and the place is very comfy. It’s small, but it’s never full when I come there. And the crowds are just lovely. They know how to behave. Perfect when you need to focus on your work.
  • Blumchen Coffee - I love their design! It’s vintage and it’s beautiful. And it has a street-looking window, a personal favorite of mine. It’s really nice working there. When you get bored or need some refreshment, you can just look out the window and see the busy road in front of you.

Special mention: 127 Cafe at Kosenda Hotel
Kosenda Hotel has one of the most important aspect that a coffee shop must have. Wi-fi. Free wi-fi access. A fast and free wi-fi access. And so far, for me Kosenda Hotel is the best. Their wi-fi speed is exceptionally magnificent. Not to mention that they also have a very nice ambiance and great design -- after all Kosenda Hotel is a chic-boutique hotel. But, there is one thing that makes me reluctant to put Kosenda Hotel on my top 5 list. It's because they are expensive -- and yes, it's because after all they are a hotel. It is very nice to sit there and enjoy the good vibe, but when the bill finally come.. It hurts..

A cozy corner at Kosenda Hotel
Street-looking window at Blumchen Coffee
Vintage decor at Blumchen Coffee
Comfy ambience at Giyanti Coffee Roastery
I haven’t tried all the coffee shops in town, but I’ve heard of several names (like the famous 1/15, Pasar Santa’s ABCD and Jakarta Coffee House) and they’re talked about pretty good, so I wanna try em.

What about you? What's you favorite coffee shop?