Santorini, the "template" photo and a new angle that I've never seen before

Santorini is on my list of places to go before I die, because it's so damn pretty. And I'm pretty sure Santorini is on many people's list too.

So I just installed a Chrome extension called "Dream Afar" yesterday, and everytime you open a new tab on your Google Chrome, it will show you a picturesque background, as its tagline says, "a new way to explore the world". Andddd.... The background pictures are download-able! Yay!

And somehow, I was super happy because the location for yesterday was Santorini. It shows a picture of the "template" Santorini -- try google "Santorini" and I'm pretty sure most of the pictures will show you the same angle of Santorini. It's definitely super pretty and I will never get bored of seeing those pictures again and again. But hey, I wanna see what Santorini looks like from the inside.

And that's why, I was happy to see that tab after tab, Dream Afar finally showed me this:

Turns out, the inside was super pretty as well! And I wanna see more pics like this :)

And these are the rest of Santorini pictures that I got yesterday, please enjoy..



  1. Now, that is definitely an 'inside' look of Santorini that I've never seen before. Jadi pengen ke sana. Instagenic abis nihh tempatnya =D

    1. Hahaha, definitely Instagenic! Pengen banget ke sana juga, sekarang baru bisa liatin foto-fotonya aja lah, nabung dulu :p

      Btw, thanks for visiting my blog, Rub! :)