Gan Bei Kitchen, Bandung

It was 7pm but the parking lot was only filled with three cars, including mine. I was thinking of changing the place to eat that night; first because it was empty, and second because it seemed so expensive (and maybe that 's why it was empty). But my doubts slowly disappear as I entered the restaurant. The retro Chinese design was authentic and different than the usual hip cafe or resto.

And my doubts were completely gone as soon as I saw the menu.

The menu line up was so interesting! I thought Gan Bei Kitchen is a Chinese restaurant (gan bei means cheers in Chinese). Turned out it's an Asian restaurant! It's a fusion of Asian cuisine, so you can find Thai food, Vietnamese, Chinese and Singaporean food there. I'm pretty sure it wasn't because I was hungry (because I really wasn't), but all of the food in that menu sounded so tempting and asked to be tasted. And what shocked me most is the price. It was in the normal and affordable range! I was shocked because usually, this kind of restaurant charged the customer so much higher than it should.

So we ended up ordering these:

Stripped Chicken with Garam Marsala
Shrimp Cake
Stir Fry Horenzo with Garlic
Crispy Chicken Skin
Thai Fish Cake - it was originally five pieces but I forgot to take the picture at the beginning, lol :p
Popiah ala Singapore - pic courtesy of @ganbeikitchen's Instagram
Totally in love with the Shrimp Cake and Chicken Marsala! It was so delicious and made me wanting to eat it myself and didn't share it to anyone, haha. Also loveeee the Fish Cake, Popiah and Chicken Skin. It was so tasty and delicious! The Horenzo was not special but it's still okay. The only thing that was lack of taste was the hainanese rice, which was not hainanese at all. But the rest, incredible!

Guess how much did we pay by ordering this much of foods (plus two hainanese rice, three ice tea, one lychee tea and one mineral water)?

Only IDR 351.600 (including tax and service fee)! Do you believe it?

Go pay a visit and try Gan Bei Kitchen's food because you'll surely don't wanna be the latecomer!


Gan Bei Kitchen
Jl. Hegarmanah No. 12
Bandung, Indonesia
P: +62 22 204 11 33
Instagram: @ganbeikitchen