Village Hotel Katong, Singapore

Saffron Foyer, where you can chill out and relax

"Village Hotel Katong?"

"What hotel?"

"Village Hotel Katong, 25 Marine Parade?"

"I can't take you there. I know Marine Parade. There's only one hotel there and that's not the hotel. I'm afraid I couldn't find the hotel that you're looking for."

And woossshh! There goes taxi no. xx(s) that refused to take us to the hotel.


It took us around 4 or 5 taxis until we got one that were willing to take us to the hotel that we were staying that night, Village Hotel Katong, because all drivers never heard of the hotel, and they were afraid they were unable to deliver us to the right place because they really had no idea about the whereabouts of this hotel.

Well, because a good area is very important when you travel, it made me worried so bad.. What area could you expect from a hotel that taxi drivers refused to take you there because the hotel's existence was unknown to them?

But thank God I was wrong. Village Hotel Katong introduced me to a whole new area in Singapore that I soon fell in love with. It's the East Coast or Katong area that is actually a traveler's ideal area -- or at least, my ideal area when I travel. Please click here for my mini guide for East Coast / Katong area (the hotel's surrounding).

Now, let's move on to the hotel.

Village Hotel Katong is a quite new hotel from Far East Hospitality. It was refurbished and reopened last November 2013, from previously known Paramount Hotel -- and that explains why those taxi drivers weren't really aware about the presence of this hotel.

The "village" concept is made by Far East Hospitality so that guests can "live like locals" in that particular area. The "village" hotels from Far East Hospitality isn't located in Katong only but also in another area in Singapore, such as Albert Court, Bugis and Changi.

The one in Katong was infused by "Peranakan" style area and it shows in the hotel's design, from the lobby to its rooms. There are pieces of Peranakan-inspired artwork created in collaboration with heART Studio (a local private art studio that encourages and nurtures creativity in children through art). There are paintings by children aged 5 to 12 that are placed in the hotel’s 55 Premier Peranakan and Club Rooms, while paintings by the studio’s teachers are displayed at the hotel’s lift lobbies from levels 5 to 12.  

The lobby
The wooden alley to the rooms
The room with a very comfy bed, a pinky touch and a very pretty lamp decorations. See the influence of Peranakan style here? ;)
The "work station" because Village Hotel Katong sits in the business district area, so it's kinda "a must" to have a working desk, right? ;)
The clean bathroom with an awesome rain shower. See the influence again here? ;)
"Live like the locals", the philosophy of village hotels by Far East Hospitality. You can see houses and apartments outside the balcony of your room.
It also shows in the food and the restaurant inside the hotel, Katong Kitchen. Katong Kitchen features modern Peranakan design and features an array of dishes reflective of the district, including fare from Nonya, Macanese, Asian, local Chinese to Western cuisine. So, you can expect a range of delicious food for your breakfast! From char kway tiao, my favorite carrot cake, cap chay, noodles, dimsum, and the list goes on... 

Katong Kitchen on the 4th floor, where you have your breakfast
Peranakan style breakfast are waiting! :)

But if you want to taste something else, you can definitely head out from the lobby to Katong V, a mall full of restaurants, cafes, beauty & wellness salons, education & enrichment services, a supermarket and other services that interconnected with the hotel. Voila! Super easy access, right? 

Or.. If you want to taste some of the best restaurants in Singapore, go outside Katong V and you'll find East Coast Road, a street full of good, better and of course the best restaurants, lined up in front of you, all the way from your left to your right. My kind of "dream" area to stay when I travel. :")

Restaurant, cafe, restaurant, cafe, .....
There are also several other malls around the area
Other than the magnificent area, the thing that I adore so much from this hotel is its security. It requires you to bring your room key everywhere because it will give you access everywhere in this hotel: from the elevator to the gym room! It surely makes you feel safer, knowing that only guests are allowed to enter and access the hotel and its facilities.

The gym!
The pool. Small but cute. :) - Pic courtesy of Timothy.

Well, Village Hotel Katong might be a little far from the city center, but for me, it's kind of my favorite area now because it's quiet but it has everything that I need for a vacation. I had a pleasant stay at Village Hotel Katong and will definitely stay there again next time!

A little tip for a direction to the hotel. Ask the taxi driver to bring you to Katong V or Parkway Parade Shopping Mall (you'll enter via the back of the hotel), or you can just tell the driver to take you to Marine Parade, make a turnabout, and not so far after that, you'll find the hotel hidden a little bit behind the road. Look for the building that looks like the very first picture in this post. You'll recognize it fast, trust me. ;)


Village Hotel Katong
25 Marine Parade S449536
+65 6344 2200


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This post is a series post for my and Timothy’s trip to The Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.

Far East Hospitality Singapore is one of our partners during this wonderful trip. 

I was a guest of Village Hotel Katong and all opinions are my own.



  1. Nice hotel! I can see the influence of Peranakan culture by the flower motifs!

    The room looks nicely decorated too, a comfortable business hotel, I would say.

    Is it near to any MRT station?

    1. Yes, it is indeed a comfortable business hotel :)
      Unfortunately no, Khai.. It's not near to any MRT station, but you can still take bus from there.. :)
      By the way, thanks for visiting my blog! :D

  2. Hi.Thanks for your sharing about this hotel..I am going on June and will be staying at this hotel too..But may I know which bus should I take to the city?

    1. Hi Chelsy, unfortunately I didn't know the bus number because I use taxi to go in and get out from the hotel :( But you can use from your phone and it will tell you which bus you should take to get you to your destination. Hope it helps :)