The Sayana Bed & Breakfast, Bandung, Indonesia

Katanya Sayana tutup sementara dan akan buka lagi Mei 2016. Mari kita tunggu!


I was just about to book a quite popular bed and breakfast in Bandung when my friend, Haqi, sent me this beautiful picture of a BnB that he found on his Instagram feed. Because we both love taking beautiful pictures for our Instagram account (lol), we decided to stay at this BnB instead of the first one because this one looks more pretty and stylish compared to the one that we initially wanted to book.

It’s called The Sayana Bed & Breakfast.

See these pics, aren't they lovely?

The dining room
The open kitchen
Another angle of the dining room
The "reception" or "lobby" area
The stairs to the second floor
Another view of the dining room, this time facing the garden and you can get a direct sun light :D
Another view of the kitchen, facing the garden as well
Owned by an interior design graduate, The Sayana Bed & Breakfast that only has eight rooms is so beautifully designed that it feels like I wanted to take more and more pictures, even it’s from the same angle. Who don’t love seeing beautifully designed house that make you feel comfortable, stylish, but nevertheless, still feel homey?

But when you talk about a bed and breakfast, you’ll talk about the bed and the breakfast, not just the design. Because after all, your sleeping experience is what matters. It has to be relaxing, comforting and gives you a sweet dream. 

And I’m gladly say that The Sayana Bed & Breakfast is not only giving you a nice visual for your Instagram feed, but also gives you a nice, warm and comforting sleep experience.

Very simple, but it gave me one of the best sleep ever
The pillow, oh the pillow… So soft it won’t let you pull up your head from it and get up from the bed. Really feels like you’re sleeping in your own home, makes you don’t wanna leave that place.

Waking up to this beautiful garden view, Indonesian breakfast of nasi kuning awaits you, prepared by the super duper friendly Frans, the owner’s assistant, a great start for the day.

The garden view, just when I open my room -- my room is the red door there :D
The super friendly Mas Frans :)
The only cons is.. I didn’t get to stay longer because I have to go back to Jakarta. ;(

Located behind Jalan Veteran in a Menteng/Senopati-like housing complex, The Sayana Bed & Breakfast has a perfect location for me.. It's in the middle of the city center, but the surrounding is still quiet. So now, The Sayana Bed & Breakfast has officially become one of my favorite accommodations ever and I will definitely stay there again next time I go to Bandung! 

I'll see my photos here next time I stay there again! :D


The Sayana Bed & Breakfast
Address: Jl. Buton No. 14 (Jalan Veteran), Bandung, Indonesia
Phone: 0817-9267-133, (022) 4223255, 0878-2258-4789, (022) 4238958
Facebook: The Sayana Bed and Breakfast



  1. huweehh kok aku baru tauuu ada BnB ini hahahahha

    aku dari dulu pengen bgt nginep di BnB Cottonwood yg hitz itu, tapi batal muluuu soalnya BnBnya kurang tengah kotaa ahhaha
    ujung2nya nyari yang sekitaran Dago mulu

    1. wahhh ini the best, mei. hahaha.. bener-bener bikin betah, berasa kayak di rumah. trus bantal mereka sama kayak bantal Hilton, mereknya Serta :)) empuuuuukkkk banget ga mau dilepas, hahahah. kasurnya juga enak, tapi entah kasur Serta atau bukan, belum sempet ngecek :p

      Cottonwood akupun belum pernah coba, cuma kata temen yg udah nyoba di Cottonwood dan Sayana, dia bilang enakan Sayana, karena Cottonwood masih berasa hotel gitu, hehe.