6 reasons why the Philippines should be on your next travel list

Never crossed my mind that I would ever stepped my feet in The Philippines. I mean, The Philippines is not Indonesian’s popular travel destination, right? In fact, only 0.01% of Indonesians visited The Philippines until July last year. Very sad, isn’t it? Indonesians just don’t know that The Philippines is a very nice country that is very rich in nature and has plenty of beautiful cities and islands to explore. 

But thanks to my friend, Nita, I got to know this wonderful country. She introduced me to Coron (post soon!) last year – it was so beautiful that I decided to visit the country – and here I am now, putting The Philippines as one of my favorite country that I’ve ever traveled to.

The picture that Nita showed me ;)
Check out her take on The Philippines here.

Here are six reasons why I think you should consider The Philippines as your next travel destination: 

1. It has one of the most friendly people in the world
This is the very first thing that I realized as soon as I arrived in The Philippines. The people are super friendly and nice! They smile most of the time, they greet you politely and nicely, they even call you with “Sir” or “Ma’am”! That’s not all, they are also very helpful and don’t really deceive you because you’re a foreigner. They treat tourists really nicely, makes you feel like home. Bottom line is, The Philippines is an ideal place for you if it’s your first time traveling abroad or if it’s your first time going on a solo trip! You don’t have to worry because Filipinos are very helpful, nice and welcoming!

2. It has one of the beautiful smile in the world
As I said earlier, Filipinos smile most of the time and let me assure you, their smile is one of the most wonderful smile you could see anywhere in the world. No wonder they’re on the top 10 list of the smiliest country in the world. Genuine smile that comes from the heart, it warms you and makes you feel comfortable and safe. It’s so nice seeing that kind of smile, because that kind of smile is very rare now, you know.

3. The foods are incredibly cheap!
1 Rupiah equals 250 pesos or 20 cents USD. Very cheap, right? But don’t compare the street food, because the price of street food is more or less the same with Indonesia. But the foods in the nicer restaurants/cafes (or even in a hotel!) are incredibly cheap!! 

Let’s exercise.

We ordered four foods as above (2 mains, 2 desserts, 2 drinks plus a 1.5litre bottled mineral water), at the number one most recommended restaurant in Malapascua Island by Tripadvisor. How much do you think the food cost?

Answer first and I’ll tell you the answer in the comment box. ;) 

A little clue: one portion of a menu in The Philippines can cost you 2 times more expensive in Indonesia.

4. Filipinos can speak English very fluent
English is like the second native language to the Filipinos because English is in their curriculum since the very beginning of their school age, that makes them very fluent in English. All kinds of people, from little kids to grandmas/grandpas, from street seller to hotel’s bell boy can speak English very fluently. So, language barrier isn’t a problem when you visit The Philippines.

5. It has plenty of beautiful beaches
Do you know that Puerto Princessa Palawan in The Philippines is included in the Seven Wonders of Nature? Just like Indonesia, The Philippines has a wonderful nature, and Puerto Princessa is one of them. It has plenty of beautiful beaches (especially in the Palawan), pretty underwater corals and fishes, and also a bright sky and a hot sun that will make your summer a perfect one.  

I will make another post on two of the beautiful islands that I visited during my Philippines. So, stay tune. ;)

6. The tickets to go there is cheap!
A return ticket to Manila from Jakarta costs me equal to or cheaper than if I go to Bali. Seriously. Cebu Pacific Air, The Philippines’ national carrier offers lots of cheap tickets for both international and domestic routes. Subscribe to their newsletter and most importantly, “like” their Facebook page to get the latest information about their promo fares. Don’t get hurried once you see 199php promo fares because they can offer you lesser than that (for example, 1php for one way ticket to domestic route). So, when you see 1php promo fare, you know it’s your time to buy it and there will be no price cheaper than that price.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your Philippines trip, research more on the country and which cities you want to visit, find your cheap tickets to go there, and pack your bags!


This post is a series post for my and Timothy’s trip to The Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.

Thanks to Dusit Thani ManilaFar East HospitalityQuest Hotel And Conference Center – Cebu, and Hotel Quickly for being such wonderful partners in this trip.



  1. We only paid 1000php (250k IDR or 20USD) for those 4 food! Pretty cheap, right? ;)

  2. Glad to hear positive feedback from an Indonesian. :) hope to visit your country also.

    1. I fell in love with The Philippines. It's now one of my favorite country in the world :)
      Come here to Indonesia! And don't hesitate to ask me if you need any help in making your plan :)
      Thanks for visiting my blog! :)