Stevie G Hotel, Bandung, Indonesia

For most travelers, staying in a city center area when coming to a new city is definitely a must. Why? Because city center area allows you to go everywhere with ease. But, if you come to that city for the third or fourth time (or maybe more!), isn't it time for you to just step away from it and  explore another area outside the city center?

If your answer is yes for the above question, then you're in for a treat! Why? Well.. Don't you realize that the area outside the city center usually offers a lot more than what the city center has to offer? ;)

And the most noticeable amongst all -- of course -- is the nature. Agree?

This is also the case in Bandung. The city center area near Braga or Cihampelas for the first time travelers is very lovely and very desirable because it has everything a traveler might want to do or see: restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping malls and hotels are situated close to one another. Not to mention it is very easy to find public transportation to go around the city.

But if it's your third, fourth, fifth (or more) time going to Bandung (like me), don't you think it's time to move away from the city center and head to a more nature-ish side of Bandung? Even more if you're driving your own car or rent a car there, you don't have to worry about distance anymore. You can stay in any part of the city and go explore as far as you want.

And that's what I did during my last visit to Bandung. I didn't stay near the city area, but in an area almost close to Lembang, the "village" side of Bandung. I stayed in a hotel located in Sersan Bajuri street, in Stevie G Hotel, to be exact.

Day view
Night view
I was so intrigued to stay at this hotel from the first time I knew about it. From the name itself, it's natural if it reminds you of Steven Gerrard, the Liverpool legend and the team captain. And after I looked up on Google, in fact it was named after him because the owner adores Stevie G very much - and they do have Liverpool and Stevie G decoration inside! 

Why would I be interested so much in Stevie G Hotel? Simply because the hotel offers a very unique room designs and it's different in each room! Let me show you some examples.. (All room photos below are courtesy of Stevie G Hotel)

See? Don't you wanna stay in one of those (or maybe all) beautifully designed room?

As for me, I got to stay in this room, a little bit too boyish for me, but it was nicely designed as well..

The room was big, clean and comfy. It was a very cozy place if you just want to relax in the room and read a book or watch TV - they have paid TV by the way. And I really like what was written on the wall above the bed..

The other thing that I love was: the staffs. They were very friendly and helpful! They smiled all the time and very polite.

But too bad, maybe because of the rainy season, the bed sheet wasn't dried properly, so it was a bit smelly and damp at that time. But other than that, Stevie G Hotel was superb! Would love to try another room ;)

P.S.: If you find it hard to find Stevie G Hotel in your Google Maps or GPS or Waze, try searching for The Maja House, it sits in the same location ;)

Stevie G Hotel
Jl. Sersan Bajuri 72, Bandung, Indonesia
(022) 2788465 / (022) 2788466