The Beach, The Sea, The Underwater...

The beach or the mountain? 

Most people would probably choose the beach over the mountain. Right? Because at the beach, they can just lay on the sand, get skin-tanned while enjoying a coconut, getting massaged, or simply just… relaxing. While going to the mountain requires so much effort. They have to bring loads of stuffs on their back, build a camp, and it took hours to climb up (or even days!), and then when they finally arrived at the top, what do they do? Take commemorative pictures, plant a flag, enjoying the view, and then heading back to the base. They need many hours to go up there but the time spent up there wasn’t that much.

But anyway, my post here will not be about the beach versus the mountain, because I believe people have their own preference – and I don’t really trek the mountain too. :D So what I want to post here is more about the beach, a post based on the thought that popped into my head during my recent trip to Bira (Makassar) last November. 

What thought, you might ask?

Well, let me ask you this… What’s the best beach? Why do you think that beach is the best?


Let me assure you, the answer might vary, but supposedly, the answers revolve around these four:
1. The sands are white / the sands are pretty
2. The water is crystal clear / the water is blue
3. The wave is great
4. The underwater is so beautiful 

For me, those four are completely different things to describe “the best beach”. Because for me, the function of those four are different but they are supporting and/or complementing one another.

In my opinion, the beach is a place to relax. A place to enjoy the sunset or sunrise. A place to get your skin tanned. A place to watch some hot guys/girls in their beach suit. The beach is the place to just be lazy and do nothing but enjoying the time that you have. 

While the sea means the water. How clear the water is, how blue the water is, and maybe also includes how great the wave is for surfing. And when we talk about the underwater, it talks about the beauty of the underwater; the corals, the fishes, and so on. 

The thought that popped into my head after visiting Bira was: a beautiful turquoise sea doesn't always have a beautiful underwater. A beautiful underwater doesn’t always have a nice beach to enjoy. A beautiful beach doesn’t always have great waves for people to surf to.

Bira’s sea color was sooooo wonderful. It’s bright turquoise. You can see the distinct color difference and it’s super awesome. The underwater was also superb. But the beach? It was just a plain beach. The beach doesn’t really “supports” the beautiful sea and underwater.

Let me show you what I mean…

The Beach
For me, a nice beach looks like this 

Why? Because on that beach I can just lay on the sand, drink my coconut, read my book, get my nail polished, get my back massaged, watch the blue sky, and the time flies by so fast without realizing, the sunset finally appears. At night, I can even sleep on that beach because that beach is so… Relaxing. It’s the perfect place to just be lazy around and do nothing but enjoying time. And that beach for me is Gili Trawangan.

Gili is the exact picture of what I had in mind when talking about beach. They have restos around, they have the beach couches on the sand, they have umbrellas to cover you up from the sun, they have the coconut trees around, and they have no water sports to play around because we go the beach to enjoy the time.

A nice beach for me can also look like this…

Sumur Tiga Beach, Weh Island, Aceh
You opened your room door, sit on your balcony, and that view are waiting for you. Perfect.

The Sea
Now, the sea. Who doesn’t love a clear turquoise sea that makes you just want to jump directly into it and swim? I remember I shed a tear the first time I saw Gili’s sea. But then I was speechless when I saw Bira’s sea. It’s so… Beautiful. The most beautiful sea color I’ve ever seen. See it for yourself below. Please note, the pics didn’t use any filtering or any editing at all. It’s the rawest file there are.

The Underwater
Many people, from local travelers to foreigners and international media, admits that Indonesia have some of the best underwater scenery in the world. The species are so varied, not to mention the beautiful corals. They also say that the east side of Indonesia does have the best underwater. And I can clearly see why, as I sunk my head in the water of Bira.

I didn’t pull my head out until I realized I had water inside my goggle and I had to clean them first. It was so beautiful that I asked the guide to show me around more and more. The bad thing was, I wasn’t equipped with an underwater cam, so I couldn’t capture them in a form of photographs.

But, the underwater of Weh Island in the west side of Indonesia was good too. And the best thing that I like the most about Rubiah (in Weh Island) is that we didn’t have to sail until the middle of the sea to see the underwater world. We can walk directly from the beach and not so long after that, we can put our goggles on and swim around.

Well, I haven’t go to many beaches or snorkel in so many places yet, so what I wrote here is just around the places that I’ve gone to. So… That’s my two cents. What’s your thoughts? Let’s share! :D



  1. Aakkk, aku belum pernah ke Weh & Gili !!

    1. Arievvvv... Makasih udah mampir dan baca blogkuuu *terharu* :')
      Pergiin dongg, hehehe.. Cuma berdasarkan cerita orang-orang, kayaknya Gili sekarang udah ngga sebersih dulu.. :|